Corel Painter Mixed Media Brush Set

Christine Garner
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A brush library for Corel Painter.

I've included the original 2016 version and an edited versions for Corel Painter 2021 and 2022 in the downloads. There is a read-me text for your reference about the brush libraries.

There is also a streamlined compact version for Corel Painter 2021 (I deleted a lot of the brushes I don't like anymore for this set)

These were developed over several years up until 2017 and were the ones I used in Corel Painter for my older digital paintings before I switched to using Krita and other software.

Brushes include:

Blendy paint brush category

Contains around 15 brushes and another bonus category called tests which has around 32 brushes in it of similar type.

Dry Acrylic Brush Category

Contains around 22 brushes.

Felt Pen Brush Category

Contains around 28 brushes

Myoils brush category

Contains around 58 brushes and 5 blender brushes (any of the brushes can be made into blenders by playing with resaturation levels as well)

Oil Pastel

Contains around 12 brushes

Painty brush category

Contains around 15 brushes

Pen and ink brush category

Contains around 27 brushes

Pencils and chalk brush category

Contains around 47 brushes

Watercolour brush category

contains around 27 brushes

Blend and smooth brush category

contains 24 brushes

Varnish Brush Category

contains 9 brushes

Textures brush category

contains 11 brushes


Brush Library for Corel Painter 2016 and above

Corel Painter
Brush Library


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Corel Painter Mixed Media Brush Set

3 ratings