15 Hand Drawn 2D Seamless Textures for art and design

Christine Garner

15 Hand drawn ink and pencil seamless textures for use in design and Illustration.

512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024 pixel PNG file format image textures included. Normal and inverted versions for each texture in each size (they come with a Diffuse, Normal, Depth, Specular and AO maps for each texture of 512 and 1024 px sizes for use in 3D software).

May 2022 update: I've added 4K JPG versions of the textures (4K textures don't include maps for 3D, they are intended for design and Illustration use)


You MAY use these 15 Hand Drawn Seamless Textures:

• For unlimited personal projects.

• For unlimited commercial projects for yourself or a client: As long as the

parts of the 15 Hand Drawn Seamless Textures, modified or in original form, aren't available in a distributable form on its own, or are part of any product where the 15 Hand Drawn Seamless Textures set are a significant portion of the value or content of any major component of the product.

• To create an End Product for a client.

Images can be used to create any PHYSICAL or PRINTED goods to be sold commercially without attribution or limit. One exception: printed paper using the designs as-is without changes requires an additional license.

Any DIGITAL product using the images must be sold in the form of a flattened, complete design product. You may NOT sell as-is or make other digital design resources such as clipart, digital paper, digital kits, or add-ons.

You may NOT:

• Share or re-sell this texture pack in part or as a whole. Do not redistribute, resell, share or copy. Purchase does not transfer copyright.

• Use the 15 Hand Drawn Seamless Textures as part of any logo, trademark, or service mark.

For other licensing queries or if you want to extend your rights to

commercially exploit these textures please contact Christine Garner

at thimblefolio.com

Due to the nature of the product, there are no returns once the item has been downloaded.


15 Hand Drawn Seamless Textures

File type
seamless 512px, 1024px and 4096px
maps for 3D

15 Hand Drawn 2D Seamless Textures for art and design